Timetable & Program Fees


What we do in 2022:

Our program structure has never been so appropriate. With experiencing 2020/2021 in all the ways we did, a lot of reflection was had. One thing we didn’t miss was the rush around multiple times a week – this is where we have been ahead of the game for a number of years.

There’s no need to attend each style at different times throughout the week when your Artist can receive training in multiple genres through the one program!

With an environment where each student is recognised as an individual, your Artist is bound to thrive no matter their personality, strengths or weaknesses. Each student is taught in a way that suits them and encourages their individuality.

We pride ourselves on making all students feel welcomed and as though they have found their people, and are appreciated for who they are.

So come and join our family, we can’t wait to meet you!

 Send us a message.

Pricing Schedule –

Our pricing has been designed to be simple and clear. There are no lump sum term payments or surprise costume fees.

Your tuition is calculated for the year and divided into 11 monthly installments that are easy and predictable.

Your monthly payment includes processing fees as well as GST.
Your registration fee covers administration fees and goes towards insurances.

Timetable -
Intellidance - 3-23 months.

Babies (3-11months)
SATURDAY – 9:30am
$70 p/m

Tykes (12-23months)
TUESDAY – 10:00am
$70 p/m

Little Bits! 2-3 years

TUESDAY – 9:30am

SATURDAY – 10:00am

$70 p/m – 1 class per week

$100 p/m – 2 classes per week


Tinies - 3-5yo Kinder Kids

MONDAY – 4:00pm

TUESDAY – 10:15am

THURSDAY – 3:45pm 

SATURDAY – 9:45am

$90 p/m


Minis - Prep, 1, 2 at school

MONDAY – 4:15pm

THURSDAY – 4:30pm

SATURDAY – 10:30am 

 $130 p/m


Juniors - Grade 2-4 at school

MONDAY – 5:00pm

SATURDAY – 11:45am

$150 p/m


Pre-Inter - Grade 5 & 6 at school

SATURDAY- 12:15pm 

$190 p/m


Boys Only - Primary School

LIL BRO’S (prep-Grade 2)
THURSDAY – 4:30pm

BIG BRO’S (Grade 3-6)
THURSDAY – 5:15pm

$100 p/m


Triple A - HFD's Artists of All Abilities

Programs for artists with additional needs:

JUNIOR (Grade 1-6 or 7-11yrs)
SATURDAY – 11:45am 

TEENS (Yr 7 + or 12yrs +)
MONDAY – 5:45pm

$100 p/m

If you have a child between the ages of 3 months – 7 years old, please get in contact to discuss program options! We have the right fit for everyone! 

Senior School - Yr 7 +

THURSDAY – 6:00pm

$190 p/m

Ninja Kids - Primary School Kids

5:30 – PREP – GRADE 2

9:45am – *NEW* NINJA NANOS! 3-5yo Kinder Kids

4:30 – GRADE 3-4
5:15 – PREP-GRADE 2

9:45 – PREP-GRADE 2
10:30 – *NEW* NINJA NANOS! 3-5yo Kinder Kids

$15 per session – charged monthly
$25 per week, unlimited sessions* – charged monthly

*must be registered into each session for class caps.

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