Timetable & Program Fees

Online Interactive Program 2.0!

Join us in 2.0!

This time round we are placing even more emphasis on happy bodies and happy minds.

We are aiming to get kids moving, keep kids engaged and give kids a release in their week where they can have fun and just be.

For just $66 per month, your child can take as many classes as they are interested in, within their age & ability range, so a great chance to try new things and see what really ignites their passions and interests.

Our dedicated and nurturing teachers will create a safe and engaging space for your budding artist, ensuring connection and a feeling of belonging that they are missing right now.

Come and join our family, we can’t wait to meet you!

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Timetable - We have tailored our timetable with online schooling & working from home in mind.
Tinies - 3-5yo Kinder Kids

SATURDAY – 9:30am

Minis - Prep-Grade 1/2 at school

SATURDAY – 10:15am

Juniors - Grade 2-4 at school

SATURDAY – 11:15am 

Pre-Inters - Grade 5-6 at school

SATURDAY- 12:15pm

Boys Only - Primary School Kids

THURSDAY – 4:30pm

VASS - Voice & Acting for Stage & Screen

WEDNESDAY – 5:00pm

Triple A - Junior/Tween

SATURDAY – 10:15am
HFD’s Artists of All Abilities
(Programs for artists with additional needs)

Triple A - Teens

THURSDAY – 5:30pm
HFD’s Artists of All Abilities
(Programs for artists with additional needs)

Senior School - Yr 7 +

SATURDAY – 11:15am 

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