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After 2 years of not having access daily to play equipment daily at school, parks and playgrounds being closed, their has been a significant change in our kids phyiscal strength and motor develoment.
We are here to bridge that gap, rebuild strength and confidence and allow them to re-develop their risk assesment and play skills in a safe environment.


Kids get to run, jump, climb and swing through our courses, learn to set goals, break barriers and get their fidgets out all at the same time.


Programs are coach lead and work in a circuit style session, building strength, stamina, mental wellbeing and confidence.


With the amount of physical deprivation as well as mental wellbeing that our kids all endured last year means that it is a hard and slow recovery to regain. This is where our ninja program comes in.


Designed to not only get kids active, but to break down a lot of barriers that have been inadvertently created. Our Ninja gym looks easy, but it is quite challenging. Our Ninja Kids will learn planning, goal setting, and how to persevere through difficulty to achievement.

Prefer to discuss further?

If you would prefer to discuss our programs and offerings further, please shoot us an email and we can work out the best fit for your artist.

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