Welcome to Hunger For Dance,

At HFD, we have seen time and time again families with busy work, school and sibling schedules. Our students are enduring an increasing workload and pressure from their schools to the point they are having to give up what they love… and to the detriment of their emotional wellbeing.
We know that no matter what pathway our students take with dance, their academic studies sit at first priority. If only there was a way for them to maintain their school and family schedules without having to sacrifice their love and passion for performing arts…

We have found a way.

Simplified – Smart – Easy 


After toying with an innovative concept and speaking with our most senior students, we are extremely excited to offer a revolutionary way of delivering everything dance! We have taken the standard method of class and genre delivery and turned it on it’s head!

Now your artist can take multiple styles with only a fraction of the time commitments. They no longer have to choose between classes and you are no longer at the studio for extended days or hours! We have taken our previous condensed contact hours and made it even better!


They are the performer, the artist, the star.


HFD is fully committed to the delivery of quality dance & performing arts instruction. By no means is this turning into an unstructured mixed bag of dance. This platform will enable us to deliver multiple genres to your rising star in a much more focused timeframe, allowing them to maintain their ‘all-rounder’ reputations without the extended hours, all whilst giving them the intense training that they have come to know and love.

Our teachers will work with every student to accomplish their goals, delivering training that inspires, develops, nurtures and achieves even the wildest of dreams, all whilst giving back time. Artists learn skills not only to put to use inside the studio walls, but also into everyday life.

Hunger For Dance aims to build a healthy industry work ethic that will allow students to love what they do and create a platform to explore dance at a level they can excel and achieve. Why wouldn’t your artist want to be the best they can be at what they love?

We can’t wait to welcome you into our family!



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