Little Bits!
A program designed just for Toddlers 18months – 3 years old!

Our ‘Little Bits’ run, jump, climb, shake, rattle ‘n’ roll!
With so much fun being had, our Little Bits don’t even realise the skills they are gaining.


3-5yo Kinder

High energy, high fun! Our Teachers take our Kinder and Preschool aged children on a journey through Jazz, Ballet & Hip Hop.

These classes focus on co-ordination and starting to develop technique in all styles building strong little bodies and creative performers.

Preps – Grade 2


Our Minis always prove to be superstars and are some of the brightest stars in the HFD sky!

Our Minis program runs for 1.5 hrs and styles will include:
Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet & Lyrical

Grade 3 & 4 at school

Our Juniors get to step it up! This will allow your artist to discover new styles and get to add to their toolkit of dance!

Juniors will be able to explore the following genres throughout the year:
Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Lyrical & Contemporary

Grade 5 & 6 at school

Our Pre-Inters know where it’s at!
This is always one of our most vibrant groups. It’s where we watch the transition from loving their passion to becoming hungry to learn more, do more and be more!
Styles include:
Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Conteporary & Musical Theatre.

Boys Only

Does your son have trouble concentrating at school? Our boys program may be able to assist with this!

Not only will your artist take away better balance, co-ordination, fine and gross motor skills, they will also be strengthening their cognitive skills – all while they are blissfully unaware!

Triple A
HFD’s Artists of All Abilities

Sometimes it’s difficult to find a place where you can do what you love, at a pace that is rocking your individual tune.
We have the answer with a certified Rhythm Works Instructor, and programs designed to not only brush up on your mad dance skills, but work in with Occupational Therapy goals, and general everyday social skills!

Year 7 & 8 at School

Is your newly found teenager driving you nuts? Give them to us! We ADORE our Inters and and love that they have a place to vent their emotions (sometimes a few different ones in a matter of minutes).

Providing a safe place for new teens to be them, surround themselves with positivity and a supportive peer group that ‘just gets them’ is a place that we hold deep in our hearts at HFD.

Year 9 & 10 at School

Ahhhhhh… Our beautiful Pre-Seniors. This is the time where we can all enjoy the ‘other side’ of the teenager and see their true selves and beam from within.

Our dancers get to extend themselves further through this program through styles such as: Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Lyrical, Heels & Commercial.

Seniors & 'O.G's'
Year 11 +

Providing a network of support during VCE or University exams, our seniors have mentioned on more than one occasion how dance provides an outlet during the grind, allows them to focus better during their schooling and gives them a source of constant that they know will be there when they have had a tough day. 

Voice & Acting for Stage & Screen

Our VASS program is one for the T.V stars and musical theatre buffs at heart!

This class takes students through Acting techniques for both stage and camera, as well as  Vocal techniques to make sure you still have a voice after singing or acting your heart out!

Private Coaching
Private vocal or dance coaching 

An option for all students at Hunger For Dance. We offer private coaching in Technique, Vocals or Competitions.

It may be a case of an extra class to improve on certain skills or goals, or work on any areas of concern a student may have. All students of all levels are welcomed.

These can be arranged on a casual or permanent basis depending on what the lessons required.

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