Senior School Progams.

Our Senior School is one of a kind! We understand that school has ramped up, that friendships are hard, sometimes they need space to just be them.
Our programs are designed to ensure that our senior artists don’t have to sacrifice what they love to fit in life, school, friends and family.
We have seen many students through their first day of year 7, graduating year 12, gratuating University, Masters and even their first professional jobs!
These students have expressed how important it was for their mental wellbeing to have somewhere they could go and leave things at the door.


Clear Fees & Tuition

With an inclusive monthly payment, it couldn’t be easier! Easy and predicatble pricing means no more lump sum term or surprise costume payments – it’s all taken care of!



Family Friendly Timetables

We have seen time and time again families with busy work, school and sibling schedules.
Now your artist can take multiple styles with only a fraction of the time commitments.


Transferable Skills

More that ‘just a dance class’.
From public speaking, organanisation to hanging clothes and everything in between, the skills they learn in the studio reach far beyond our walls.

Triple A Teens

HFD’s Artists of All Abilities
Teens Year 7 + at school

 Our Teens are where things step up!
Starting to offer more autonomy, our Teens love to get creative and start having their input heard and respected. We also start looking at more leadership roles and really working as a team. With this age group comes another social stage, and we are all set to help navigate this in program and with peers.
Our first ground breaking Triple A legends will pave the way for something super huge and become both stars and leaders within the community.
We are excited and ready to offer this great platform for these kids to launch off!


Year 7 & 8 at school

Is your newly found teenager driving you nuts? Give them to us! We ADORE our Inters and and love that they have a place to vent their emotions (sometimes a few in a matter of 15 minutes).

Providing a safe place for new teens to be them, surround themselves with positivity and a supportive peer group that ‘just gets them’ is a place that we hold deep in our hearts at HFD.

Not only just about the art of dance, finding new ways to express themselves and performing, your artist will subconsciously gain skills that they will use outside of our walls too… and we can tell you now, they do know how to hang and fold costumes – so they can do it with clothes.

Our Inters will be taken through the following journey throughout the year: Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary, Commercial Jazz, Music Theatre.

Year 9 &10 at school

Ahhhhhh… our beautiful Pre-Seniors. This is the time where we can all enjoy the ‘other side’ and see their true selves and see them beam from within.

Our Pre-Seniors have worked out their mechanics, found their groove and can shoot for the stars!

Our dancers get to extend themselves further through this program, adding more elements and discovering more abilities than they had thought possible through styles such as:
Hip Hop
Commercial Jazz

Year 11+ 

Providing a network of support during VCE or Uni exams, our seniors have mentioned on more than one occasion how dance provides an outlet during the grind, allows them to focus better during their schooling and gives them a source of constant that they know will be there when they have had a tough day. They come to dance it out, to create, to extend themselves and to delve deep into their passion of performing arts.

Our seniors will get to delve into such genres as:
Hip Hop
Commercial Jazz

Prefer to discuss further?

If you would prefer to discuss our programs and offerings further, please shoot us an email and we can work out the best fit for your artist.

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