Frequently Asked Questions


Why do you only offer programs?

We at have taken the most common problem facing our families today and come up with a solution. Time.

Our students are known for being high quality artists that have endless opportunities no matter what path they choose, as well as being ‘all-rounders’ meaning strong in multiple genres.

We want our students to be able to focus on school and family demands, but not give up what they love. We also want them to continue to push their own boundaries and maintain the intense and focused level of training they have come to know and thrive on.

We at HFD don’t do ‘standard’. We are constantly pushing the envelop and racking our brains for the next level we can offer our artists. This revolutionary new programming is unlike anything you will currently find at any other school.


How do I choose a program?

Simple! Just select what age or year at school and this gives you the appropriate program. It really couldn’t be easier!  Please see our Programs tab for more detailed information on your stars path.


What if there's no previous experience?

We welcome students of all ages, abilities and interests.
If your child has no previous experience, please rest assured that they will be welocmed, accomidated for and caught up within a matter of months.
We are big on inclusion as well as ensuring that each artis big or small feels a part of the team and family and walks away feeling confident in their new found love of the arts.

What if my artist has had previous dance training?

If previous training is involved, always start with the program within the standard school level. We always assess all students within their trials as well as throughout the year to ensure htat they are able to achieve their personal best. If any alterations need to be made, the director of the studio as well as our dedicated techers will review placemens.

Can we do a trial?

We want new students and families to really get a feel for our programming and what we have to offer. We find it is often hard to decide after attending once. For our new artists, we are happy to offer you to undertake the first month, and if you feel as thought it is not the right fit, we will waive the 1 month notice to withdraw your enrolment.

For the first program a student attends, they need to wear comfortable clothing they can move freely in. Depending on the program, you will be advised whether shoes or bare feet is best appropriate.

When is tuition due, how do I pay?

To make things super easier for you, tuition is run monthly via autopay. No more remembering due dates for invoices or things getting lost in your inbox! Tuition is inclusive and broken down into simple manageable payments and is debited on the fifteenth of each month from February to December. The best part is – NO HIDDEN COSTS. Your monthly payment is predictable.




What other costs may be involved?

The only costs outside of your inclusive monthly fee will be items such as shoes, tights or uniforms.
We source all these items to get the best price and can fit them as well as have them delivered to the studio so it’s one less trip to the specialty dance stores. Your child will be fitted, ordered for and will come home with their items – too easy!

The other outside costs may be extra performaces, competitions, events or holiday programs.

Is there a limit on class sizes?

Our classes are ‘capped’ at the appropriate capacity for the age group and studio size. However, just as there is a limit on too many, there is also a program minimum. Depending on circumstances, programs that have less than 6 attending students enrolled may be cancelled and an alternative arrangement will be made to accommodate those enrolled.


Do I have to stay the whole time?

We encourage you (if it’s possible) to go grb a coffee, run any errands, drop the other kids at the other sports, put the dinner on, finish the last bit of work you were pulled away from or just relax if you’re able to take 5 minutes to yourself!

Your artist is well taken care of and we just ask that any students grade 4 or under have  someone come in to pick them up at the end of their program. Those students without a personal phone also need to wait upstairs to be collected as we cannot allow students to wait on the street for pick ups.



Can family sit in on classes?

The short answer is no.
This goes from our ‘Little Bits’ right through to our senior classes. For our little ones, with the exception of the first lesson or 2 for those under 5, we find that parents appreciate the time as well as even our littlest stars developing confidence and a sense of pride once completing a class by themselves. We don’t mind you popping your head in to see what they are learning, but we find that parents get the most joy out of seeing their kids on stage at a whole new level than they where at previously. We like to call this the big surprise of just how much their artists have accomplished!

Why is there a Uniform Policy?

Hunger For Dance maintains a dress code to promote a sense of team inclusiveness and equality amongst students. 
The HFD uniform requirements also allow teachers to assess student technique, problems with alignment, and other important aspects of dance training. It also stops students from becoming inhibited when working in class.
Uniform can be purcahsed through the studio.

Who will be teaching my rising star?

Hunger For Dance prides itself on providing quality dance education, driven by high quality teachers. Teachers at HFD are amongst the highest qualified and industry experienced in their field. Our teachers are carefully selected for their qualifications, experience and talent as well as what they can offer our students. We aim to provide not only the correct knowledge and skills but also passion in our studios. Our students are also regularly given the opportunity to learn from internationally renowned choreographers both Australian and from overseas. There is no length we will stop at to provide the most opportunities for our artists to grow.

Our student teachers are also taught and guided through the appropriate channels to ensure they are confident and well equipped to teach and deliver the Hunger For Dance standard. All our teachers have valid WWCC’s (Working with Children Checks) and knowledge in first aid.

Are HFD annual showcases compulsory?

Showcases are optional, however there is an opt out date that must be adhered to for costuming and class content purposes. Showcases are a wonderful way for students to showcase all their hard work and learning to their friends and family. Our showcases are a no-pressure environment with an emphasis on the joys, thrills and sense of accomplishment through performing, with a professional feel from an audience perspective that will leave you speechless after seeing your very own star smash their personal goals.


Is private coaching and extra performance opportunities only available to select students?

Not at all.
At HFD we offer private tuition to all of our students who wish to undetake it. We pride ourselves on giving every student the training they desire whether it be for competitions, extra work on achieving goals, or just a little extra help with their class work or something coming up at school.
Please see our Private Coaching information for more details.


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