Junior School Progams




Clear Fees & Tuition

With an inclusive monthly payment, it couldn’t be easier! Easy and predicatble pricing means no more lump sum term or surprise costume payments – it’s all taken care of!



Family Friendly Timetables

We have seen time and time again families with busy work, school and sibling schedules.
Now your artist can take multiple styles with only a fraction of the time commitments.


Transferable Skills

More that ‘just a dance class’.
From public speaking, organanisation to hanging clothes and everything in between, the skills they learn in the studio reach far beyond our walls.


Prep-Grade 2 at school

Our Minis always prove to be superstars and are some of the brightest stars in the HFD sky!

Our Minis program will take your star through a multitude of genres over the course of the year.

Styles will include: Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical & Hip Hop

Not only do they get to become great artists and performers, they learn a multitude of life skills that will support them through school transitions, friendships and any other hurdles they may face.
Neural pathway connections, team building, problem solving, leadership. Just a few of the benifits our Minis receive through their program.



GRADE 3 & 4 at school

Our Juniors get to step it up! This program will allow your artist to discover a new styles and get to add to their toolkit of dance!

The Juniors will be able to explore the following genres throughout the year: Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Ballet & Contemporary

As with all programs, our Juniors learn more transferable skills, and start to take on more personal responsibilies and become role models for the younger artists in the school.

With this creativity rich year, your are sure to see your artist start to come into their own and shine brighter than before!

Grade 5 & 6 at school

Our Pre-Inters know where it’s at. This is always one of our most vibrant groups! At the top of the junior school, t his is where we watch the transition from loving their passion to becoming hungry to learn more, do more and be more!
With a smorgasbord to feed the most ravenous of artists, your pre-inter will step into the performer they were born to be.

Genres menu:
Hip Hop

Boys Only
Lil Bro’s Prep-Grade 2
Big Bro’s Grade 3-6

Does your son have trouble concentrating at school? Our program may be able to assist with this!

Not only will your artist take away better balance, co-ordination, fine and gross motor skills, they will also be strengthening their cognitive skills – all while they are blissfully unaware!

Along with teamwork, patience and leadership skills, these are just some of the bonuses of these classes that will support and give your son confidence in himself and outside the studio walls.

Our Boys program is a great stepping stone into performing arts. These classes allow our boys to learn at their own pace and gain confidence all whilst accomplishing so much more than just co-ordination and sick dance moves.

Triple A – Artists of All Abilities
Juniors: Prep-Grade 3 at school
Tweens: Grade 4-6 at school

Sometimes it’s difficult to find a place where you can do what you love, at a pace that is rocking your individual tune. We have the answer with a certified Rhythm Works Instructor, and programs designed to not only brush up on your mad dance skills, but work in with Occupational Therapy goals, and general everyday motor skills that might need a bit more attention!

RHYTHM WORKS Integrative Dance is a specialized, but inclusive, dance class for people with individual learning differences and other additional needs. Our first ground breaking Triple A legends will pave the way for something super huge and become both stars and leaders within the community. We are excited and ready to offer this great platform for these kids to launch off!

Musical Theatre

Grade 1- 6 at school

Our MT program is one for the singers, actrors & musical theatre buffs at heart!

This class takes students through Acting techniques for both stage and camera, working on presentation and learning the ins and outs of making your story telling sincere and believable. Students will be taken through what it is like and how to audition for TV commercials and roles on screen and stage.

You will also learn Vocal techniques to make sure you still have a voice after singing or acting your heart out! Breathing, muscle groups, posture, projection are just a few things you will touch on to make sure you have the best grounding and base to produce the best singer.

Prefer to discuss further?

If you would prefer to discuss our programs and offerings further, please shoot us an email and we can work out the best fit for your artist.

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