Pre-School Programs

We aim to provide a launch pad for our littlest artists to shoot for their dreams and discover their passion in our pre-school movement and dance class!

Whether you have a wobbly walker or a ‘Threenager’ … at this wonderful age, like all our programs, it is so much more than ‘just dance class’. This is an opportunity to explore, grow and be nurtured into a wonderful world where their imaginations can go wild and a love of art can begin.

We pride ourselves on our specially designed programs devised by our Director that have results both in and out of the studio that speak for themselves!

From confidence, motor skills, leadership, team work to patience and pride, there’s not much we don’t cover. The best part is – they are having so much fun they don’t even know it!

“You are so caring and just magical with them. We all think that you are amazing.” – Louise, Tinies Mum

Little Bits!

A program designed just for Toddlers 18months – 3 years old!

Our ‘Little Bits’ run, jump, climb, shake, rattle ‘n’ roll! With so much fun being had, our Little Bits don’t even realise the skills they are gaining.

From gross motor skills and co-ordination, rhythm, singing, colours, spacial awareness, confidence, and waiting their turn and working with others to name a few, it sounds like a whirlwind of things, but your toddler is just having fun!

Whether you have an energy-ball or a little boy or girl with a softer approach, this program has something for all ‘Little Bits’!

Little Bits Classes:

Tuesday Mornings 9:30am
Saturday Mornings 9:30am


Specially tailored for 3 – 5 year olds!

High energy, high fun! Our Teachers take our Kinder and Preschool aged children on a journey through Jazz, Ballet & Hip Hop.

These classes focus on co-ordination and starting to develop technique in all styles building strong little bodies and creative performers.

These classes are constructed in a way that the kids don’t even realise they are learning new skills! They have a great time choosing  ‘where they will fly today’ or ‘what colour frog legs’ they might have for different exercises and very much enjoy the different animals they may become when exploring core motor skill development.

Tinies Program:

Monday Afternoons 4:00pm
Tuesday Mornings 
Saturday Mornings 9:45am

Triple A – Tinies

3-6 year olds.

Sometimes it’s difficult to find a place where you can do what you love, at a pace that is rocking your individual tune.
With this age group we intergrate the children into our Tinies programs where these little artitst can not only gain dance skills, but work in with personal Occupational Therapy goals, and general everyday motor skills that might need a bit more attention into the class!
We treat all our artists as individuals and cater to everyones learning pathways, so why not have an awesome time and dance the day away?

Tinies Program: 

Monday Afternoons 4:00pm
Tuesday Mornings 
Saturday Mornings 9:45am

Prefer to discuss our programs further?

If you would prefer to discuss our programs and offerings further, please shoot us an email and we can work out the best fit for your artist.

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