Voice & Acting for Stage & Screen


Our VASS program is one for the T.V stars and musical theatre buffs at heart!

This class takes students through Acting techniques for both stage and camera, working on presentation and learning the ins and outs of making your story telling sincere and believable. Students will be taken through what it is like and how to audition for TV commercials and roles on screen and stage.

You will also learn Vocal techniques to make sure you still have a voice after singing or acting your heart out! Breathing, muscle groups, posture, projection are just a few things you will touch on to make sure you have the best grounding and base to produce the best singer.


Private Vocal Coaching is also on offer at HFD for those who would like to add some extra focus towards their voice and singing or singing in competitions.


VASS: $100 per month

Wednesdays 5:30-6:30pm

Enrol my VASS Star!

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