Minis – Preps, Grade 1 & Grade 2

Our Minis always prove to be superstars and are some of the brightest stars in the HFD sky!

Our Minis program runs for 1.5 hrs and will take your star through a multitude of genres over the course of the year.
Styles will include:

  • Jazz
  • Ballet
  • Lyrical
  • Hip Hop

While getting everything they love, expressing their creativity and developing a love for performing arts, they will still be cementing the strong foundations and skills through each genre and become stronger little dancers and artists at an even more incredible rate!
Not only do they get to become great artists and performers, they learn a multitude of life skills that will support them through school, friendships and any other hurdles they may face. Neural pathway connections, team building, problem solving, leadership… these are just a few bonus skills your Mini superstar will take away from their program.

What is included in the Minis program?

Standard Inclusions:
– Administration Fees
– Insurances
– Costume Hire
– Easy Monthly Payments
– We cover the transaction fees for you!

Standard Inclusions PLUS
– 1 x T-shirt or branded uniform item
– Student Workshops: Age appropriate
*Choreographer workshops
*Stress Management & Mind Wellbeing
*Festive Events and More!
-Parent Nights with guest speakers (there may also be wine, cheese & chocolate shhhh…..

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